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amp316 said:

How does a team that should be down 3-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals win the series 4-1?  Ask David Stern and the NBA officials.  I though that Game 4 was bad, but Game 5 was honestly the worst officiated game that I've ever seen.  Pair the NBA's favoritism for the Heat with their disdain for Mark Cuban and I say Miami in 5.  It's a shame because Dallas really does have a better team and guys like Nowitzki, Terry, Kidd, and Marion have worked their butts off for an entire career just to be robbed.  Hopefully my prediction of Miami in 5 is as accurate as my last one. 

No, it will be perfectly accurate, because its what I predicted earlier!

I personally was disgusted by the work of the referees during the Mavs/Thunder series. During the Bulls/Heat, there weren't nearly half as many "WTF was that moments" in terms of foul calling. The game where Dirk Nowitzki scored 48 points was probably the most frustrating game I have born witness to since the Lakers faced the Kings in the Finals!

Also, that comeback game was not supposed to happen, period. Harden got fouled out and it was game over.  I do blame Russell Westbrook for missing BOTH free throws though.

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