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It's pretty common practice in gaming for a company to, at the very least, have some kind of R & D going on for the next system the second the current console hits the market.  So, basically, Nintendo was working on Project Cafe in some capacity the moment the Wii launched.

When they get serious on developing a new console, factor in some timeframes:

The system will have to be largely completed for a year to a year and a half (or so) in order for development teams to craft games for the system.  Prior to that, maybe one or two years (or more?) of solid hardware engineering and firmware programming to get the system assembled.  

This Sony announcement mirrors the ad that was discovered (by either IGN or GameInformer) that hinted Microsoft was hiring for positions related to "hardware development."  If Microsoft and Sony are now beginning in earnest to develop their next systems--they probably won't be out until 2013 at the soonest.  Which sounds just great to me.  If the SNES and PS2 could continue surprising us 5 or 6 years into their cycles, then the Xbox360 and PS3 surely have a lot of surprises yet in store.  

I don't think we've exhausted this generation yet.  Well, maybe the Wii, but not the Xbox360 or PS3.  

So the chance of the PS4 being leagues stronger than the Cafe is thrown out the window now huh?

LOL....exactly what i was thinking :D

That doesn't make any sense, and wasn't remotely what I was saying.

Frankly, the rumors so far are pegging Cafe's power at somewhere around the PS3 or Xbox360, which means that the PS4 and Xbox720 will massively out-perform Nintendo's machine again.

It sounds like, so far anyway, that Nintendo is trying to get a jump on the next generation... with current-gen technology.  Rather like they did with the Wii.

I really don't get how you guys interpreted me as saying the PS4 would be mysteriously weaker than Cafe.  It'll be way the hell more powerful, especially considering that Sony will have, what, 1-2 years of extra development on it over Cafe?  Cafe sounds like it's, as I said, just going to be "current gen" technology, released awkwardly towards the end of this generation.


All the rumors are clearly stating that the Cafe is at least a third or more stronger than current-gen consoles like the PS3/360.

With how expensive development costs are, the limitations set by a console's resolution, current storage problems that devs are running into, and Sony's current inability to support a complete push like they gave the PS3, NO, PS4 is not gonna be "hella more powerful".

The power difference between Cafe and PS4 will be nowhere near as grand as it was between Wii/PS3. Sony simply cannot afford something that bleeding-edge, at least not again. No one said it would be weaker though, you interpreted that on your own.

As for Cafe's release timing, how is it awkward? It is releasing at least 12-18 months before the consoles of the competition, with HW specs that may not necessarily get "stomped" by the time the 720/PS4 actually do release.

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