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I do not have good memories of playing this on Wii.  To copy and paste from a post from Wii release period.


- Calibration not being very good, especially compared to HotD 2 3R.
- A lot of framerate drops on some levels, the train level maybe being the worse.
- The look around feature just doesn't work with the pace of the game.
- The look around feature does allow you to aim properly often while looking.
- The aiming cursor is far bigger than what your weapon will hit, which just seems pointless.
- Reloading with the same button as fire without needing aim off-screen or anything, often want to switch weapon when empty but end up reloading due to one too many button presses.
- Zombies skipping animations, sometimes they are standing tall and then just suddenly a split-second later they are bending over (often causing a missed shot and resetting combo).
- Game quickly shifts camera sometimes causes on screen enemies to just vanish (again causing miss/combo reset) and sometimes the enemies just pop on screen from nowhere the moment the quick shifting camera stops moving.
- Boss fights made too easy by game telling you not only the weak spots (though all HotD games do this right before boss) but also when weak spots are vunerable by circling them red.
- Story mode very short, most light gun shooters are short because they are arcade ports, Overkill doesn't have that excuse. Umbrella Chronicles was ground up built for a console and was a very good length, Overkill while longer than arcade ports should be a lot longer.
- The swearing is just over the top, these were meant to have a grindhouse influence but even those didn't swear that much. There is stereotype funny, but it reaches a limit then stops being funny.