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Im a fan of the Saw series (although I fear it may be going downhill). I love the Hannibal trilogy (excluding Young Hannibal). I seemed to like Wolf Creek despite its Americanize feel. (All American Horror to me is roughly the same. Kids get lost, car breaks down, someone tries to help or they wander off, get killed somehow). Japanese Horror is pretty good. Audition is fairly good (Has subtitles and most of the movie is just leading up to the end though). All old horror movies do not impress me. What used to be scary is not to me (ex. Psycho, Rosemary's Baby, etc). As far as Dark movies go (That is, not horror movies, but movies with dark plots) I like the new Sweeney Todd (Musical though) and Pan's Labyrinth. I have heard 1408 and The Mist are good (Two King short's converted to films)

I too would love horror movie recommendations.

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