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Got some fresh news straight off the press:


Basically Witcher 2 has set a new Polish record for game launches selling 56,000 copies in 3 days since launch. When comparing these sales against Witcher 1 then we see that the Witcher 2 is selling 60% more copies in the same time frame as its predecessor. Additionaly Witcher 1 sold 35,000 units when it's 3 day launch period was from Friday to Sunday, a period when most sales are usually made in Poland. So we can expect a further rise in sales for Witcher 2 as the weekend looms closer.

On a related note, the president of Optimus, mother company of CD Projekt has gone on record saying that he is receiving positive signals concerning Witcher 2 sales from foreign markets.

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Well, folks these numbers together with the preorders gives us a 200k figure for the first 3 days.  Hopefully the game will go on to the 400-500K area with foreign  sales.

I'll keep a watch on any solid numbers in the Polish news and update when i can.

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