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zarx this won't be as confusing as teh dbz game :P

What was confusing about dbz game?

everything. For example, Heph thought he found a loophole, but I told him he was wrong. However, it did coincidentally lead to killing a mafia.

And then Goku came back to life and died the same day. And the last mafia was like voteless and unkillable or something weird like that. I don't quite remember. :P

I was unkillable but it was a 2 shot ability since I got my wish from the Dragonballz,  I technically had a NPC bodygaurd that took my place when I got lycnhed.

were you vegeta?

Yeah vegeta had nappa as a bodyguard, and got a wish that allowed nappa to come back and be his bodyguard again.

But then there was also Broly, who was unlynchable once.

Yes I was Vegeta,  Broly was Trucks,  we still should have won that game.  Im still kinda bitter about it

I think I might reread it for the lulz. But haha, you're still bitter? Why? Cuz broly had no vote?

No because all we had to do to win was kill only one person in either of the last 2 nights, since our covers were technically blown and thats how long we could last from being unlynchable,  but we swung and missed both times. And so we were out of our unlynchable abilities,  and just to show mercy on an already long game,  me and Trucks voted ourselves out to end the game.  

Lets face it,  if the mafia is at 2 vs 3 and one mafia is unlynchable twice,  the mafia should never lose, like ever.