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there's not even 50 million ps3's sold in the whole damn world...... 23 billion????? how retarded are human beings,  really, how fucking..... seriously fucking retarded are people. Sony is gonna half to pay over 20 million people that don't exist......... this is mind blowing, and what's worse is that people are still talking in complete absolute about info being stole even though there has been no evidence of it but was mentioned at a simple precaution. All the analyst who came up with that shit should be fired for being retarded and everyone who took the shit seriously should slap themselves for believing something so VERY fucking retarded

How is the number of PS3's in the world remotely relevant? The cost analysis was done based on number of accounts that have been compromised. There certainly is a correlation between PS3 sales and PSN numbers, but you can get a PSN account with no Sony hardware if I recall corectly (using PC). Also, personal info was stolen for sure. CC info unlikely, but technically possible. Just thought I would clarify since you seem to hate mis-information being spread so much.

so you believe there are 77 million unique users??? fucking FACEPALM!!!!!

that this fucking bullshit is actually getting to people is the worst part of it all, common fucking people use it

you can't even use ps store without owning Sony hardware....sigh

that 23 billion is complete bullshit form a clearly dumbass analysis who don't have a fucking clue as to what he's talking about. Sites run the story to get hits and fanboys post threads to spread FUD and idiots believe the shit, and that's ALL that's been happening here.


Do you fail to realize that both ps3 and psp use PSN, Which combined could possibly be 70 million