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evolution_1ne said:

my bad about the name wasn't paying attention at all which I usually do (see my post where i mention Kasz216 if I hadn't looked I would have surely put Kaz lol)

anyway that wasn't an attempt at an insult lol, it was the first time I've ever quoted you and well I haven't been paying much attention to your post in the past (also not an insult) so my knowledge of you if VERY limited hence the fucking news to me thanks for giving me that head's up about yourself

No problem. I try to be open about my qualifications within reason. PM or check other threads for a quick run down if you like. I think we should probably just move it to one of the other 3 billion topics on this though. Duplicate threads? I don't see any =)

For the record, you aren't entirely wrong on the subject of the 24 billion. You aren't right either, but it certainly isn't going to be what Sony pays for this entire affair.

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