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Icyedge said:

The big question in this case is does the other companies have thousands of hackers on their back :P. A company with the worst security ever, if they dont get attack, they arent going to leak any kind of informations.That doesnt automatically excuse Sony, an investigation is needed for sure.

Between, according to Sony, they did tell their users when it appear the data could have been compromised. An investigation is needed to determine whether they are lying or not. Personally, I dont understand why they wouldnt tell their users sooner if they knew sooner. But yeah its a possibility.

No they didn't tell them when the data appeared to be compromised. They informed the users when they knew the data was compromised. Sony knew there was a security breach the first day they took the PSN down. Given how drastic a step that is it also says they new the potential seriousness of the breach. That is when they should have told users to cancel cards, change passwords, and monitor credit. They should not have waited a week just to confirm what was taken.

As to negligence, well we will have to see. It could be that any company given the security would have little reason to also encrypt, plus or minus one major hole. It could have been the PS3 being trusted so heavily that opened up the personal data which would be negligence. It could be some guy managed to get private info on a higher up and guess his password through social engineering in which case their security system would hold no fault in this (people are dumb after all). Taking the PSN down still makes me lean at PS3 related, but I again add the caveat that there is no concrete evidence I can back this up with.

So now you are saying Sony is lying to make themselves look worse? Seriously? I try not to pose questions like this to banned users as it seem bad form, but that has me stunned. You seriously think Sony is lying about something that makes the company look bad?

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