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imaprettyhotguy said:
rocketpig said:
imaprettyhotguy said:
How the hell do you still not understand what I said wow, this is just getting so frustrating trying to make you understand simple concepts, the CC database was more secrue and it's possible passwords were the only thing encrypted on the personal one, how hard is that for you to understand 


Because they said the database was unencrypted. Companies don't tell people the database is unencrypted if it's, you know, encrypted (even just a part of it).

So you are saying, if one file in a database was encrypted out of millions they'd say it was encrypted 

They'd most certainly mention that password data was encrypted. Companies don't try to make themselves look WORSE than they already do in a situation as bad as this one.

It seems as if you think they're somehow willing to make themselves look more incompetent than they already do just for the hell of it.

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