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Khuutra said:
vlad321 said:

Yeah but that means you can't just sit and watch TV while the game plays itself out. Also haivng Zaaed means you shelled out money for DLC, which I never ever do. I honestly ran with Legion and Thane. The 2 of them cleared room on hard, or whatever was the bottom-most setting without completing the game. Also, you can send in that woman in to do the hacking instead of Legion, and you can let garrus lead, avoiding any deaths in the final mission.

True story, I spent the final mission watching South Park. The idea that NPCs don't run out of ammo was just stupid beyond belief.

Zaeed is free to download for all new-bought copies of the game. If you are going to slam a game, do it from an educated perspective.

Also, I don't believe you. How about that.

Huh, when I get back home I will open steam and see if I can grab Zaeed.  I am not going to lie, I pirated the game because I didn't think it was worth the money, and it wasn't. I didn't buy it until it was on sale some time later, and I have never even installed that copy so I have no idea abut how Zaeed handles.

Try it, you will see how you can AFK through just about the entire game. Given the 2 sniper team you will tear even through that guy, whose name I forget, that possesses other collectors and gives them a lot of all forms of defense. I did have to order my teammates to attack him first since the AI of the teammates was too dumb (I wouldn't even had to do that if BioWare had implemented not dumb AI). The widow absolutely tears him apart. 2 widows and another sniper does even better.

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