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Anyone who thinks this is about "freedom" is exetremely ignorant.

Go live in countries were they dont have the right to Free speech,
or they cant maintain a high standard of living because their government isnt willing to give them a choice at what they do with their lives.

These idiots are not "freedom fighters", They are taking away the rights of other people, to benefit their own opinions.
A large majority of the hackers probably have no life, and in any type of court case, or real life argument, could not hold anything against Sony.

I am all for Freedom, but Freedom doesnt go one way, someone else that is free does not have the right to take my choices away. 

You can argue all you like, but these people havent done anything that will harm Sony in the long run.
PSN will stay up, Geo will probably lose the court case, and the hackers will go back to living their unimportant lives.

Smart Men answer questions, Wise men ask questions.
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