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Dreamcast's attach rate was high COMPAIRED TO OTHER SYSTEMS AT THE SAME TIME.

Seriously, you can look up the numbers right here on this website.

The gun analogies point, was the point by the way, it basically disproved the arguement that your trying to make here... and yet you keep trying to argue it.  Making the next point, kinda pointless but oh well.


As for the research studies.  You do realize they don't actually ask pirates right, they track all this data scientificially?

Torrent sites don't make the research.. they report on them.  These are all government and university studies... and they all say "Piracy has no effect, mild positive effect"  except for one which says "Can't tell".

Any articles you read from torrent sites likely were completely valid.

This is a completely pointless post, however I just wanted to mention that the word scientificially should totally become a proper word.

And just to note, Kaz someday provided me some so called studies from unknow universities with a little number of subjects... And most were unconclusive or used researchs from hackers information, and none were from government - as he says there are a lot of government and respectable univeristy that corroborate his points, but never saw the docs.

It would be mingbloging why large companies would expend a lot on anti-piracy rotines if it really doesn't harm them (and when used the CD comparition he back tracked saying there was a bubble and today you see that no harm is done, even though total revenue is 10% of what it was before piracy becaming rampant) is it millions expended just to have someone to blame when you don't meet your projections?

TO the bolded. Because they don't know any better either.

Furthermore, the studies i think he linked I know, and specifically the dutch one points out that the economy GROWS because of piracy. Then the Japanese government found out anime piracy increased the market. Meanwhile the others (specifically the US government) kept saying that they just can't find any harm. Not being able to find harm is a result in and of itself, because it shows there is no harm done.

Lastly those "unkown" university wouldn't happen to be the US/dutch/japanese governments, would they? I am also curious what a "known" university is to you and how known/unknown has ANY bearing on scientific data.

The end result is that people have a kneejerk reaction when absolutely ALL studies done have shown that piracy doesn't do harm. It takes a certain amount of close mindedness to keep arguing and believing a point that studies have continuously shown to be faulty.

If they don't know better, any collective of people can try to arrange a meeting to show it... i don't think that mega corporations are dumb and the forum posters are so much better prepared to run bussiness (because if they are they should start their own company to compet... as i think hackers should make theirs console since they are very kwnoledgeable).

The links he provided wasn't from any government, he gave one that was a news report of the suit against piratebay and the other was from a small university that i don't remember the name....

And every time someone say that there are studies they never bother to link it... and i do think if you have kwoledge just spread it... go to the companies and show them the reality, if you are a security research and not a douchbag go the company and show your discoveries, don't publish it for potentialy harmfull use.

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