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shogia said:

Forget the fact that ssj12 seems to revere anonymous, you should probably be more worried that he's a writer for the site.

In any case it probably won't be long before anonymous goes after someone in a heavy lobbying industry at which point there is a good chance it could be game over for privacy on the internet (some people refer to it as a right but I don't know if we should go that far).  Governments have already been looking for reasons to force ISP to allow them to do wiretaps on the internet similar to phone lines, I'm not sure giving them a reason to point to is a great idea.

I really dont revere anonymous as much as I generally fear and respect their power. They also are very useful for many causes I believe in. I just know for a fact that options are slowly dwindling and Anon stepping into this ball park changed the game. Its like playing high school football and having the NY Jets replace your entire team for the season.

Very few of you seem to realize I am also a libertarian who hated big government, and an environmentalist that wants to protect the world from ourselves. I believe in deregulation of the majority of the government as well as privatization of many government programs.  I am also a technology fanatic that is currently drooling over Intel's planned 10-core Xeon server processors.

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