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You did not just compare this to the civil rights movement did you? Mother of God. 

Back in the day I used to be one of those stoners hanging out 420 chans /i/ board. We were just hanging out and dicking around while messing with some people. Now its snowballed into some pathetic fantasy of freedom fighting. Geohot was just a guy who was looking for some e-cred and spread around his ps3 hack. Sony slapped him down. He isn't a martyr or anything else. Hes just a guy who called too much attention to himself. 

And of course theres the simple fact that vastly different people associate themselves with anon, and the ones with any hacking skills are busy doing actual meaningful stuff with wikileaks and such. These are just a bunch of kids with babys first DDoS tools. 

Movements do evolve past their beginnings, and I do know several hackers that I've worked personally with on my past anime websites. they all apart of anonymous, and they are by far the types of people that one should greatly fear in cyberspace.

And are they working on this project? And if so why don't they try to go after some of the real injustices in the world? Where was anonymous during the Wisonconsin incident? 

no clue if they are apart of the anon group doing this. doubt it though as this is way to low level for them. If we were talking a Dox attack, maybe, this no. And Anon is completely decentralized in nature so if the collective does not agree with who or what to focus on, it doesnt happen.

We'll hopefully they put their skills to good use. Listen, I agree with you that individual rights must be protected in the face of corporations, I just think you are blowing this whole thing a little out of porportion. 

I've voiced my opinions with no avail (to Sony), so the only choice there is to blow things up a bit. And for the most part I've stated everything soundly on my views of how things are going and from experience and knowledge I know the basics of how Anon runs. While I used extreme metaphors and examples, I think I can say that I've answered things the way they needed to be based on the more and more extreme nature of the chat that has flared up.

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