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arcane_chaos said:

well...one could say why did the south have to succeed? just because they didn't like the laws being given down to them they could just do away with them, Licoln himself didn't want to abolish slavery at first, he just wanted to stop the growth of slavery(if that's what you're getting at) from spreading to any other part of the U.S. and it territories Though slavery was a huge part of it it wasn't the only why the U.S. had a civil war, cotton was a major business for both the north and south, the south would send there cotton to nothern factories where they produced clothing and other materials, both made enormous sums of money, a reason why there were some nothern states that ddn't want to abolish slavery

at the bolded: that's a very extreme and double sword way of looking at things, I mean look at 9/11, those extremist and did nothing but cause a huge hole in the hearts of all americans, that sort of thinking needs to be done away with and why the U.N was created, we just don't pick up arms(though this does still happen in the world) be we should atleast try to settle are differences and disagreement like in a court. not commit actions without carelessness because the backlash can be huge and innocent people are most likely to get the brunt of attack. war should be the last dire option(imo)

ahhhh...I'm sorry...didn't want to drag this like i said, i'm taking a history class this semester and we were going over the civil war the other day....this will be my last post...and again, thank you for sharing your side.

Truly Im enjoying this.

But, you have to take note on why 9/11 happened. It was entirely the USA's fault. We pushed our views onto the world. Mostly the middle east. We caused their hate because we stuck our noses to deep into someones territory. We instated many leaders in the middle east. Saddam, Bin Laden, etc, are all were funded by the USA to eliminate threats in an attempt to protect our ally Israel and ourselves. Which of course back fired completely in the end.

Now it could still have been prevented. Intel from the CIA stated it was possibly going to happen. No one paid any attention to the info and I guess caught off guard when everyone realized "hey, you screwed up". This has of course lead to our endless war in the middle east. This time, there is no pulling out like Vietnam.

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