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so what's the current status on the anon vs. sony? Sony sites seem to be working with me along with psn(though I haven't been on it for about 4 hours)

they are probably regrouping deciding next moves. Either another DDoS session or blood. One of the two.

 I see, I see you supportive of anon's movement(correct me if I'm wrong) why is that?(no offense, and again correct me if I'm wrong)



A drug that is 100% safe?! Are you sure your not smoking that ganja? There is absolutely no fabricated drug that has no side-effects wether it be a quick side effect or one that results through multiple dosages. 

I understand you may feel that Anonymous may be the arbitors in an almost lawless world where anything can go if your in charge. But this is not the way to do it. The way that I feel would be best is to command and conquer. Become your enemy so you may best them at their own game. A much more civil and morally acceptable approach. 

Plus, getting rid of Copyright laws would benefit us? How?! That would make no sense since copyright laws influence a large spectrum of products i.e. music, written documents, and etc. And the one example you gave us, I can see a benefit for that drugs approval through the removal of copyright laws but for everything else, I don't really think it would be beneficial. 

Looking forward to your rebuttal, sir. 

I have a movie that would tell you the entire story, I just need to find it >.> forget title.

edit: read this http://www.3dthree.org/pdf_3D/3DHRIPPanel.pdf it works well enough to explain somethings till i find what im looking for.

edit 2:  not exactly what i was looking for, but here http://patentabsurdity.com/  this covers software patents.

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