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In all honesty I wanted to see the website still be up but instead of Sony Make.Believe I wanted to see troll faces, You Mad, and FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- all over their sites, with info about their corporate leaders posted up on the website and then lock Sony out of their own servers for a little while lol that would have been for the lulz and entertained me.... this... is just one of the most basic annoyance tactics you can pull and no one will care by tomorrow.

It will probably happen. DDoS attacks are normally round one and two till the find where the exploits in the website's securities are. They changed all the government sites the destroyed to exactly what you just said after DDoSing them. And then Doxed every government official.


In case anyone actually doesn't understand the hornets nest reference, its the hivemind. Anon's DDoS networked PC attack force. They have hundreds of thousands of PCs in it.

Do you support the "Anonymous" group? If so, why?

Anonymous's main agenda is focusing on copyright and patent law, which needs to be completely removed from our laws. Doing so would allow creative thinking and innovation to flourish once again in this country.

A great example of why patent laws need to be abolished is medicine. There is a drug that reduces the chances of early birth for pregnant women that is 100% safe. It was about $10 a shot before it was approved by the FDA and allowed to be copyrighted, patented, and monopolized by a single drug company. The drug was able to be mixed up dirt cheap at any pharmacy across the USA. Now each shot is about $15,000 and can only be sold by one company and pharmacies are not allowed to make it.

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