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I still cannot fathom how people are so angry with Sony over all of this.  Sony HAD to respond to what was going on.  On one side they had 3rd Party companies talking about how bad it was to the media (I remember reading an EA (I think it was) press release about how devastating the PS3 hacks could be) and on the otherhand you have very concerned Stock Holders.  They had to at least try. 

Most of their lawsuits are just plain Silly and really should never have been allowed in court, let alone ruled in their favor.  Once one suit was allowed, why not keep going?  If the court is "sympathetic" to large Corporation A, let us keep pressing our advantage.  Hell, Sony would have been STUPID not to do have pushed the envelope here.

The only thing Sony has done recently to me, that has really irked me, was the removal of Other OS.  This feature missing from the new Slims does not bother me, it is the removal from my Phat 60gig. 

The problem with people like Geo is not what they are doing, it is how people use what they have done.  There is nothing worse than running into Map Hackers in any multiplayer game. 


Be Angry at the US Court System, not at Sony.

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I do not recommend that anyone sticks their penis into a hornet's nest.  This sounds painful.

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