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your naivety and ignorance is astounding, yeah you fucking hope they won't go that far is more like it

eh, really I couldn't care either way. I expect them to just hack the PSN, drop prices, and maybe block the admins forcing the network division to have to hack their own service to change things back.

It will be an epic knockout punch either way. Just one will be a sucker punch that leads to the knockout, and the other will be a brutal punch straight to the nose with brass knuckles.

i'm quickly learning you are a very very scary person.  the posts i've seen you make lately really scare the hell out of me. 

I believe and support certain things, Freedom of Information, Civil Rights, and Freedom of Property are three. Sony is violating all three and should be stopped. And the justice system really can't be trusted as its easily bought out and unjust. Its the people who need to stand up for their rights.

what total bullshit, and what's worse is you actuallly believe this shit

What bullshit?

I have every right to modify the products I purchase.

Purchase does NOT mean OWN, you brought a ps3 but you didn't buy the software that runs the ps3, you had to sign a agreement in order to use the firmware, It's SONY'S firmware and they can do what ever the hell they want with it.

I have every right to read, disclose, and have access to information.

NO the FUCK you don't and if you really really think you do your even more naive and ignorant than I thought

I have every right to voice my opinion and take action over things I consider violations of my rights.

Yeah you do

that fucking bullshit

No, you do own the device and can modify it as you will, and your copy of the firmware that runs on it. You can't redistribute the firmware, but that's a different matter

Well, in the Geohotz lawsuit, sony is argueing it's all illegal.


Though  logically the above doesn't make sense.

I mean, you can jailbreak your Iphone, but your son can't jailbreak it for you.

How does that make sense in the least?

Isn't that just creating one set of rights for the technologically able and another set of rights for those who aren't?

Isn't that... and I hate to use the comparsion but it's the only legal precedent i can currently think of.  Isn't it basically a modern "Jim Crow" law?

You can only have a hacked Iphone, if you prove your technologically savy enough to make one?