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I have been on this site since day 1 (though with a different profile at first), and have never been considered a troll, have never been banned once, have never insulted a user. Vgchartz used to be a site where the community was the main focus and the forum discussion was prominent on the home page, where sales discussion were booming, where NPD was the evil empire, where users were passionate, where navigation was easy. It was a site for the users.

Now, well, the site kinda sucks (not a flams but just a personal opinion). It is difficult to navigate, sales figured disappear on a daily basis, forums have been thrust to the background...and the list goes on and on. It has gone downhill ever since ioi decided to quit his job and do this full-time (since VGchartz 2.0). Ioi used to be a hero, fighting for the free dissemination of sales, mocking the NPD at how things could be done differently and for free. What happened.

I understand the need to make money, but surely the person who managed to create a paradigm shift in the VG chart tracking could have come up with some sort of model to finance this? 

So please help me delete my profile? I have looked around and i cannot find a delete profile button anywhere on the site? 

Good luck VGchartz on your future endeavors, but this user is over and out. 

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