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Rath said:
totalwar23 said:
Rath said:

Probably should be avoided on the Ring of Fire, as the Japan situation has shown that Earthquakes cause problems. In east America, Europe and Africa it's a good idea though.

Well, the reactor problem is just one of many problems caused by the earthquake, which, as I said, am optimistic that it can be contained. If it is as bad as TMI, then it can definitely be resolved without major consequences. They can definitely build more earthquake-resistant reactors but honestly, how can anyone see a 9.0 earthquake coming?

Well they happen once every 20 years or so.

There's been maybe 30 or so major earthquakes in the last 200 years that has pretty much struck everywhere in the world and has killed hundreds of thousands of people (where nuclear power wasn't even a concern). Hell, this is maybe the first time a nuclear incident has occur as a result of the earthquakes. Even with its risks, nuclear power has been a major benefit in Japan (as they don't have much resources).