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AussieGecko said:
Dr.Grass said:

Guys, it seems the kinect version wont be that great...

''By the end of my play-through, I came away feeling jealous of those around me who had opted to play the game with a standard controller.''

''Kinect effectively ruined my experience with Child of Eden''


'' I'm pretty sure I'd get frustrated if I was playing the Kinect version of Eden that way.''

''that playing that way feels like you're playing a different game. It becomes less of a game where I'd want to attempt a perfect run through a level (or "archive" as the game calls them), and more something I'd want to put on "Easy" and play with zero challenge ''



This is not some plan of mine to 1up Aussiegecko. The one consistent thing in all my posts (bar the last few that Ive enacted some revenge on him) is that the game experience is the most important. So if its not so cool with kinect then I'm playing it with move.

It's possible that the Kinect version could still improve substantially, and even exceed the other versions. The way things look now its a little doubtful though. If it does become the definitive version, then I'll be the first to try it out on Kinect and sing its praises... Time will tell.


second thread you have posted this in.... it is getting damn old

The only consistency in your posts is to speak negatively about Kinect. I am gonna get banned I guarantee for "flaming" but the fact that you havent been banned for trolling/flame bait etc etc hell even flaming yourself amazes the living hell out of me. 

OMFG your quotes are from 28/9/10 

Are you serious? That was lucky to be in the beta stage. Dont be a freaking pest, it has been 6 months since and it is going to be released in another 3. Find me an updated quote where they dont like the controls.

Don't think either of us should get banned. It's been tremendous fun.

Yes the quotes are *GASP* six months old, but I guarantee (just like with move compatibility) you'll be wrong. AGAIN.