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Dr.Grass said:
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Dr.Grass said:
chingrin said:

Did some shrooms once and played flower. Not something I wanna experience again. 4 hours on the same level.

Actually gaming isn't so cool for shrOOms. You really need to be in the nature...On a mountain, in a cave, the beach, or my personal favourite, a forest. Take some blankets, some juice and a few drums and then that'll be the best day of your life. Good thing I live in Cape Town-I'm spoilt for choice!

Yup, gaming and movies quickly lost it from just standing on the balcony, 12 floors up looking out over the city below at night with the music going in the background. Walking through the park at night also great, but maybe not advisable in american cities.

I do believe my country is *a little* more dangerous than yours   :P

I live in Canada myself, but I was thinking more along the line of attracting police attention walking around a public park at night. The Canadian police doesn't care that much if you're high, American police might be a little less forgiving. Sad to hear its still very dangerous in cape town.