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Since Aussiegecko has gone to great lengths to piss me off, I feel impelled by Newton's third law to do the same to him.

Some quotes he might like...

''By the end of my play-through, I came away feeling jealous of those around me who had opted to play the game with a standard controller.''

''Kinect effectively ruined my experience with Child of Eden''


'' I'm pretty sure I'd get frustrated if I was playing the Kinect version of Eden that way.''

''that playing that way feels like you're playing a different game. It becomes less of a game where I'd want to attempt a perfect run through a level (or "archive" as the game calls them), and more something I'd want to put on "Easy" and play with zero challenge ''





Missed this one!

''Sadly, Mizuguchi-san wasn't done talking yet. At the end of his presentation, he made a Freudian slip, one that I wont soon forget. I believe his exact words were, "Playing the game with Kinect is very difficult... I mean... different. It is very different." He was actually wrong both times. The word he should have used was "broken."''

(Same article as above)