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RolStoppable said:

It's still a sales flop in my eyes. Weren't they working on the game for like five years?

Now before you jump on me for calling a game that sells one million copies a flop, I'd like to remind you that I consider Super Mario Galaxy a flop as well.

I don't think it was a sales flop in that I don't believe the audience for something like Alan Wake was ever that large, but I do consider it an example of poorly executed development, with way to many major changes of course and too much effort wasted on platforms that ultimately weren't even supported.

A title like Alan Wake requires focused, tightly controlled development, and Remedy really bounced all over the place with what was always going to be a comparatively niche title by genre and eventual exclusive console.

Even with 1 million sales a lot of those were likly well below launch price, underscoring the small market for the title at launch at the current regular price point for a full game.

So I say sales flop no  Development cycle and cost management - huge flop.

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