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Dr.Grass said:

I'm just going to come out and say it.

This game is Kinects last chance in my eyes.( I don't give a crap about sales)

If this turns out better with Move then I am not sure why anyone would get Kinect except for party/family/social games.

That's very silly of you. That's like me saying along the lines of "MGS4 is the last chance PS3 will have at convincing me to buy it" or "Just Dance is the last chance Wii has to convince me to buy it" as if that'd be the highest spectrum that it'll reach, it's early in the life cycle, you're making snap judgements on hardware that's been around for less than half a year. If you do go by it you'll likely end up being ignorant and miss future releases that would have interested you. Like in my analogies I was interested by UC2 and for Wii JD2.

And no I don't have Kinect, but I'd like to get it to play some Dance Central.

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