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I have to agree with most people about the graphics. It's just really hard to believe that someone would think that they "arent that good".  I mean compared to what? pc games?

I personally don't like shooters at all. I hate them! However I did buy Uncharted 2, because of all the praise it got from the gaming community and it only cost me £15 (I got the platinum version). Despite the fact that I did not like the genre I was amazed from the very first minute I started played the game.

Even if you don't like the genre you have to at least admit that it has great graphics, voice acting and cut scenes. I bought Super Mario Galaxy a few years ago and I only played 2-3 hours. I didn't like the game (I prefer Mario in 2d), but I could not claim that it was a bad game. Maybe not enjoyable for me, but not bad graphics for a Wii game. So if I someone were to ask me about the game, I would tell them that it is great, just not for me. I would definitely not make a thead saying that it is nothing special, especially if I did not like the genre in the first place.

Now please don't take this as an attack or something, that's what I would do. There is freedom of speech, so you can say whatever you want as long as you don't violate the rules of the forum.