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own but haven't started ps2  11 games Devil may cry 3 Jak 2 &3 Ratchet and Clank & Going Comando &up Your Arsenal & Deadlocked Prince  of Persia Sands of Time & The two thrones Final Fantasy X-2 Primal ps3  3 games Metal Gear Solid 4 Genji Days of the Blade Nija gaiden Sigma
Wii  2 games SMG 2 DKC Returns Started but haven't finished Ps2 Devil May Cry 2 Metal Gear Solid 3 Simpsons Hit and Run Mega Man Anniversary Collection (10 Game and I only am most of the way through Mega Man 2 and 7 of the games I've never played) ICO Rogue Galaxy (it was ok but I don't think I'll be going back to finish it)
Ps3 GTA4 (game autosaved after it glitched I'm not sure I'll go back and finish it) RE 5 trying to get back into it again Lego Harry Potter Overloard Raising Hell (lost save when my ps3 dierd the 2nd time may not play again) Toy Story 3( might try to finish the platimum but it's unlikely)DONE!
Sega Genesis Collection (a few games here I want to play at some point) Uncharted 2 (Still want to get some mutiplayer trophies) Devil May Cry 4 Heavy Rain and God of War (although I don't own them I've played each once but want to play them again to get trophies and could borrow them with one phone call just haven't due to this giant back log) PSN Echochrome (mostly there to 100% trophies DONE!
MVC2 (no trophies will try for at least the single player ones) Fat Princess (many more trophies to get) Pixel Junk Shooter, Monster and Eden (need more trophies)
Wii Kirby's Epic Yarn Zack and Wiki (was on the final world not sure if I really want to finish or just watch how it ends) NSMB wii (just a few more coins to get and a few levels on world 9 will probably do it eventually) RE 4 (I'll probably finish this one)
PSP FF 2 (if I can find my save file yes if not no) Dungeon Seige throne of Agony (not sure if I'll go back to it) Daxter (need to restart the game but I know I will) Jeanne D' Arc (currently playing and will definatly finish)
Don't Own but will play for sure at some point some old and some very new FF 5,6 8 and 9 Legend of Zelda Games (don't know where to start but will start somewhere soon) Super Mario World The Lost Vikings 2 Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross Alan Wake Super Meat Boy Fable 2 and 3 ME 1 and 2 LBP 2 Dead Space 2 FF Tactics War of the Lions Plus others I can't think of at the moment