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Bodhesatva said:

Are you, by chance, also pro-deforestation?

 It depends on where it is happening, if its in a third world country then yes i am fine with it, i also don't care if they have whale hunts, club baby seals.  I also support the war machine, and its goal of a global war to sustain US and western goals around the world.  The war for oil sounds good, i also would not care if they shot all mexicans entering the US without greencards.

 I also support Israel and their war for freedom against the unholy muslim armies, who wish to rid the world of jews and western culture.  I also don't think countries should be doing anything to help aids victims in Africa, they caused this, so screw them.  

 I also think douglas Macarthur should of been allowed to nuke china when they attacked UN forces during the Korean war, but truman was soft and refused to give the greatest war leader ever the weapons to win the war.

 I also think that the US was to soft in fighting the VC and NVA forces during the Vietnam war.  I also think the US/UN forces went to soft on Iraq during the Gulf war,  total destruction of the nation would of been fine.