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Chadius said:
Yup. My only major fear is that Nintendo becomes the only profitable company. It would easily control the entire industry again and promote very restricted policies that are no longer needed these days. Now, Yamauchi is out and Iwata is in charge now, but who knows what the future holds?

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Yeah I don't think Nintendo being the only profitable company is good for the long term prospects of the industry...but I don't think Nintendo being the only profitable company is Nintendo's fault.


Nintendo is supposedly only attracting new casual users, but then why does this hurt the bottom line of companies not even really paying attention to the Wii? The answer is because the Wii is still competing for the "core gamer"'s money as well and it is garnering a decent portion of that market as well.

But I don't see how you can hold Nintendo's success against them, if anything the lack of adaptability by the 3rd party companies who are having financial troubles would be the thing I would point to as the cause of these issues. I understand folks were cought of guard at first, but its way past that point and time these guys stop crying in their beer and do something about it.

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