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Just to further highlight how odd this guy's remarks are, please note that the games he refers to as "unusustainable" are Brain Age and Brain Age 2.

So he isn't just calling the Wii a fad. He's calling the DS a fad.

People, I think we almost all agree that he's wrong, and I also know we've all explained 10000 times why he's wrong. In this thread, that isn't the point. This isn't some forum poster we're arguing with or trying to educate; this is a CEO of software development company. He isn't reading here, so we have no one to convince -- all this means is that one developer isn't going to be heavily developing for the Wii, and again, I'd suspect there are at least some other major decision makers in the industry thinking the same thing.

Instead of explaining why he's wrong or showing how bad we thinks his games are, I think there are more productive avenues for this discussion to tread down: do you think (as I do) that there must be other CEOs of other companies thinking the same things. How will this effect them? How will it affect us, as consumers? How long would it take before these companies admitted the Wii is not, in fact, a fad?