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I hope there is a war between North and South Koreans now and that LG gets bombed out of existance.

Harsh... Very harsh.

Harsh... what? hoping millions die in a war because Sony were (allegedly) light fingered on the IP of another company.... Very measured response I thought.   


I am still waiting for all those people that applauded the EU for stopping MS bundling IE to come in and defend this decision too....  I might be waiting a while I think.

Very different cases though, but expected post from you.

and an expected response from you.

very different indeed: 

One was a company bundling free software with its OS, the other is a company (allegedly) stealing intellectual property from a rival....   (I actually doubt this will stick tbh but I cant believe some of the responses in here)

Bundling or forcing people to use their crappy browser. And something needed to be done about it. I wish we can stop them from shoving bing in our faces as well. 

forcing?  crappy browser? shoving bing in our faces?   you seem angry...

I was thinking the same think...and OH...I'm sure he is VERY angry...WW Hulk angry...lol.

PS3 was all set to "DOMINATE" in 2011, now it looks like we possibly won't see a price cut...oh-oh!?!?

"...You can't kill ideas with a sword, and you can't sink belief structures with a broadside. You defeat them by making them change..."

- From By Schism Rent Asunder