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sony's a way bigger company than lg either this is fake or if this is true sony's gonna get them back hard!!

if we see a decline in weekly sales i will belive you

sony sued first, so isn't it more like LG is hitting back hard?

lg is a great company that makes great products, also is second largest tv manufacturs in the world, and if i'm not wrong i believe lg had more profits in their division than sony this year.

Their TV's are inferior to Sony's and one of their CD drives thrashed a disc of mine. Not to mention the fact that Sony NEC drives exceed theirs in quality by leaps and margins.

If you want great and very affordable products, buy Samsung/Sharp.

That's interesting, considering Sony is using LCD panels produced by LG:


Given that the article is dated January 6th 2011, I now expect cheaper and shittier Sony TV's. And the Bravia in our living room was purchased mid 2010, so it's untouched.

Recommended TV's are usually Panasonic/Samsung/Sony/Sharp. Not without a reason.

Must be good enough for Sony if they decide to use them, right?

Besides, Samsung has been supplying the larger LCDs to Sony, since Sony refused to follow the rest of the market into flat panel screens, stubbornly hanging on to their Trinitron CRTs. So, why not just get a Samsung?  They designed the panel, so probably have more knowledge of it's limitations. And for MUCH cheaper price than Sony, to boot.

Good enough =/= as good as others.

And Samsung TV's are a good choice (albeit not THAT much cheaper than Sony's)... Sony's screens are  acually theirs - developed in a joint venture with Samsung.