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I don't see how last years E3 was terrible, pretty much every major feature of their show was a resounding success in the marketplace. Their Slim console took off like a rocket and we're 10M Kinects into Kinectomination with much of the software they showed working out quite well for them overall. From what I remember of all the things that haven't released yet, Star Wars: Kinect was pushed back because it was either too promising for an early year release or because it needed more polish or both and so far Crytek hasn't disapointed with any games they have released on the gameplay or visual fronts. Not liking the content doesn't make the content bad nor does it make the presentation of that content bad. Getting pissy because a lot of it wasn't core content isn't a reason to slam a conference.

So for the current E3 conference well they probably do have a lot to show off. There are those Japanese Kinect games that they mentioned, a few surprises from first/second party and probably a few new features for Xbox Live to demonstrate as well as full first generation Kinect games which have spent much longer in development and have benefited from advancements in technology/software/resolution and the experience of the early round of casual/social Kinect games. They probably have so much to show they they'd be hard pressed to fit anything which isn't coming out in around a year into their conference and even then they'd probably have to still cut things for the sake of brevity.

P.S. Final Fantasy XIII V multiplatform status, confirmed? It'd be ironic if they tried to spoil FFXIII V for PS3 by making SE create a PC version which looks significantly better than the PS3 version if they can't get it multiplat to the 360.