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axumblade said:

Overexaggerated OP leads to overexaggerated thread.

Considering the highest selling Madden game on the DS was 300k, I think EA are playing it safe by not throwing in features onto a game that hasn't really dont well on the DS in the first place...Interestingly enough, the PSP versions of madden have all sold over 500k (except for Madden 11). Only reason I bring that up was because my original theory was that Madden doesn't sell on handhelds in general. x.o

Well the PSP has had some Madden hardware bundles which I'm sure have helped somewhat. I remember (maybe Madden 09?) that it even had an exclusive blue color PSP included with it. Not available separately. Of course, I don't think those "bundles" helped the 11 version, heh.

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