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Veit said:

Why did you split RE4 in 2 games? The Wii-Edition is the same game as all the other versions of RE4.

Well it was interesting, because some people did this with their lists:

18. Resident Evil 4/Wii Edition (GCN/Wii)

and some people did this:

22. Resident Evil 4 (PS2)

same thing happened with Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen and HeartGold/SoulSilver. Some people combined them with the originals and some didn't. I tried my best to honor people's wishes by keeping the games they put down to get the votes they deserved. So when someone voted like my first example, I gave both "versions" the same score, but when someone voted just for Resident Evil 4 I only put points down for Resident Evil 4.


Haha, Final Fantasy XIII kept popping every so often with very high scores. The rest of the FF's were more frequently listed though.


Yeah, this group of gamers had a very focused taste in gaming. Like I said to Axumblade, Action/Adventures (Zelda) and JRPGs (Final Fantasy) dominated most people's lists (not like that's a bad thing of course), and then Mario was everywhere too representing the platformers.

As for Sonic (and pretty much any Sega game), I'm bummed too. Heck, even Xbox/360 games did better than Sega games, which somewhat surprises me given the demographic of VGC.


I just felt that consistancy had to be rewarded. That's the reason games like Chrono Trigger, Okami, and Bioshock did so well. They may not have scored as highly as other games on there, but they were loved by many many people, so they kept on showing up (Bioshock has 3 scores of 31, which is pretty funny).


It was more than just you! Actually, if a game got 1st place by one person yet didn't rank on any other list, it would have 1501 points, which means that it wouldn't have made it to the top 150.


That's pretty nifty!


No feeling on Gold/Silver? I mean, that was Tyranitar's debut!


Yeah, the rest of the top 10 is actually very close to one another, but OoT was on a LOT of lists and was ranked very highly in them too. A 2 hit knockout for sure.


It was. And I appreciate the thanks. ^_^


Once I got half-way, I was on a roll. I was more focused on "IM ALMOST DONE WITH THIS!" than "I cant do this anymore!"


Lol! Your adventure is a grand one indeed.

Also, that Carl comment made me laugh out loud. Truth is funny.


It's a great game. No complaints from this guy. ^_^