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Look at the difference in the number of 360 games over 5 million sold compared to ps3.  Then check the difference in 4 million games sold on both systems.  That's why the 360 leads, it has more games people want to play.  Last Gen ps2 had more great games, that's why it dominated.  If Sony wants to catch them they need better games, making great games that nobody buys doesn't help sales.  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad MS made Alan Wake even though it doesn't sell, because I like playing the game, but Alan Wake isn't what sells systems, Halo is.  Sony needs a Halo.  Uncharted may be an amazing game, but nobody knows who Nathan Drake is.  Link and Mario are household names, and Master Chief is very recognizable.  That's the difference this Gen.  Also, having a system cost 500-600 at launch is just retarded from a sales standpoint.