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d21lewis said:

Now I don't want to knock the PS3 or your belief of how superior it is to the 360 but you seem to be of the mindstate that it's so far beyond the 360 that it's ridiculous.  Your reasons behind this are that some exclusive A-List games designed by company A are superior to some multi-plat or  B-List game designed by company B.  I'm not sure that makes sense.  I mean, look at games like Gears of War 2, Halo 3, or Assassins Creed (multi-plat).  These are games that feature HUGE draw distances but at the same time look just as good (in my opinion, much better) than a game like inFamous--and featured TONS of NPC's running around with their own AI.  As for the 360 holding a game like FF13 back, it wasn't the best JRPG around (it's definitely no Lost Odyssey) but can you name any other JRPG that looks better?  How could the 360 be holding that game back if it's the best looking around?

Now it's a great thing for PS3 owners to have such great exclusives (although, I'm only interested in two or three of them, for sure) in 2011.  More games is definitely a good thing.  Dismissing a great game simply because it suddenly got announced on another platform despite the probability that it's the exact same game it would have been, otherwise (as far as we can prove) is just the wrong stance to have.  I've never played the Killzone series so that may be the one--but aside from Heavy Rain and God of War 3, there's nothing (not even Uncharted 2) that seemes to be a quantum leap beyond what we've already seen on the 360.  The two are closer in power than you want to admit.

How come? Heavy Rain doesn't look as good as Uncharted 2 from my experience, I wasn't even blown by Heavy Rain.

Uncharted 2 looked leaps above anything 360 has right now imo. Unless I am wrong gears of war 2 is the best looking 360 game I played(it looks better than ME 2,?) Either way, when you factor in AA of Uncharted 2 coupled with no screen tearing and  30 fps along with beautiful graphics (none of the other PS3 games do this, Heavy Rain doesn't, ME 2 doesn't, maybe God of War 3) I think UC 2 is unrivaled. 

KZ3 right now seems to look better than UC 2 and has 30 fps no screen tearing. That is supposed to be the best PS3 can do though, but we will see. It might be true because we are nearing the end of the gen anyway.

And a note to the other guy: Textures are better on the PS3 and its official. The graphic card on the PS3 can do better textures by default than 360, there's no involvement of the cell in this case. That's the only thing the PS3 graphics card can do better than the 360.

Draw distance I am not sure. Most games have better draw distance on the 360; but draw distance never made an impact on me that much.