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Pavolink said:
Mr.Metralha said:

They just have to try harder to avoid being copied by other hypocrites.

Thats the main thing they need to do.

They should also increase the size of the Zelda team. I'm sick of waiting on average 4  years for a home console Zelda to be launched.

Also, I want Animal Crossing WITH A PROPER ONLINE FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!!!!

That is all.

They are changing some things in Zelda formula with Skyward Sword. They use the Wii Motion Plus and change the art style. Of course this game will have a long development, as Ocarina of Time.

But now that they have some bases, development time for future games will be shorter, like Majora's Mask (two years) and The Wind Waker (two years).

I hope you're right!