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Formula for victory:

Stick to the general development philosophy for first party titles as this generation (keep the simple-yet-deep formula that's created winners, and their ability to strategize with third parties on joint projects like Excite Truck)

Get in the multiplat loop: third parties have, to a degree, been begging for a third home console platform that they can just dump everything on. In this environment third party parity is easier than ever: the adverse costs of the market force them to come to you as long as you have a platform they can dump a multiplat on, and given all the multiplats the Wii missed out on, you could have a heavy base of late ports that flood the console in its first year while the developers make their next lineup of all-platform games.

Continue on from the 3DS' online improvements

The prevalence of LIVE as a service means that it's likely impossible for a Nintendo system to become the "de facto" system for people to buy 3rd party games on, but as i noted above, getting parity is likely as easy as making something in the right power range, and once you have parity, then it becomes a matter of fighting in terms of first-party games, a field where Nintendo has the natural advantage as long as they keep their dev teams on their toes (and don't lapse into GameCube-era shenanigans)

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