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Chairman-Mao said:

1. Keep it cheap $250 or $300 (no more than that)

2. HD graphics - at least 720p, preferably 1080p

3. Good online that can compete with Xbox Live and PSN

4. Some cool new Nintendo innovation to keep it fresh - it can't just be better motion controls IMO, they have to do more than just a Wii 1.5 to get people hyped for it. 

5. Keep the focus on fun and playing with friends, don't make it hardcore

Yes to 1-4 :).  I also think that if they can have a good mix of casual and hardcore games then that would help them out even more next generation.  I am hoping to only buy one console next gen. and I would like for it to be Nintendo.  They have Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and everything Mario and if they can get good support from third parties then that would be great!  I really would like a Call of Duty game on a Nintendo console that's on par with the other consoles.