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As I said in my thread before I think it will be slightly more powerful than the PS3 as I do not see the need to go higher than that for next gen. and this for the sake of hardware and game development costs.

Developers will not want to develop for something much higher than that at this time and here is where Nintendo will have the advantage. Yes we did think like this for the current gen but the costs for next gen will be much higher than this gen if the other two go for a big graphical jump again.

The online is already being improved upon as we are seeing with the 3DS like one friend code for all games and that.

Super Wii sounds good to me after all they did keep the DS name in 3DS so you never know.

The controllers will both have MotionPlus in them and sensors that can sense the other controllers place. And they will even be able to sense your blood pressure. They will also be wireless  

I sure hope they have rechargeable batteries in them so you won’t have to replace, though not a big deal it would be nice to have  

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(