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I've noticed over the past week that video embedding is virtually impossible to do these days. I remember a year or so ago I just put the embed code in the HTML and it would work just fine. But this past week I've tried placing the embed code in HTML but it won't work.

So now I use the little video button, but I noticed that when posting a new thread that video button isn't in the tool bar. I have to post the thread, go back and edit the thread to use the button in the tool's. But I ran into another problem, the URL input in the video tool doesn't always work the same. Sometimes I can just take the URL from Youtube and put it into the section and whoola it works.

But I just created a thread with two video's and guess what, one video showed up and the other did not. I did the exact same thing for both video's but only one worked. So I had to go back into edit it and found out if I right click on the YouTube video I can copy URL at current time. After trial and error I finally got the second video working.

So whats the deal am I loosing my mind or is the video embedding on this site really screwy. I could have sworn I used to just embed the video into HTML and they worked. Also why is the video button not on the tool bar when you create a new thread, why do you have to edit the thread for the button to appear. Then why does the button work with the URL in one video but the other requires the current time URL?

Whats up with the video embedding system? (I know their have been other threads about embedding but I couldn't find my answers in them).


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