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I think Sony needs to concentrate on the next generation as personally I think this one is a goner. They are extremely unlikely to turn a profit on the PS3.

They need to keep the PS3 competitive without bleeding too much money so that the general public doesn't see it as a complete flop, then they need to concentrate on redesigning their entire business structure so that they can survive in a console market in which they aren't king. The main problem with the PS3 is that it is unable to survive in such a market, each PS3 sold represents a loss in money for the company and while such a loss leading strategy worked while PS was king the PS3 has clearly shown such a strategy just doesn't work when another console gains the lead.
They need to adapt and learn from Nintendo who showed last generation with the GC that it is possible to survive at the bottom of the heap. I expect the PS4 not to use a loss leading strategy.