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TWRoO said:
Needs More Graphs.

Hey Rol... how did you (or Renar) get the gaming division operating profit for 96-98? because I have just been looking through those reports and I couldn't find anything other than revenue and sales for gaming division... all the operating profits were lumped together for the company rather than being seperate.

anyhow.... I copied some of the charts from various reports to build up a picture... so this shows the sales revenue and operating profit from 1999 onwards, but also revenue for 95-98.


There seems to have been a change in their reporting methods between 2000 and 2001 by the way, because the lower left chart is from 2000, but shows lower sales than the 2001 chart (which i put on it's side).... I believe they may have reported sales to retail pre 2001, before changing back again recently.

Also I don't know what operating margin is, so don't ask me.

and finally, I guess the numbers Renar has given you do not include the R+D costs for the PS1, which will probably have been in the 95 or 94 report... so Sony won't have made 383billion Yen in the PS1 era.

and according to the 1997 report the xchange rate then was 124 Yen to $1... but unless it went up a lot before coming down recently I don't suppose that makes too much difference.