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RolStoppable said:
Renar said:

Individual PS3 software, of course, some have, some won't.

PS3 hardware profit on the final box sold, probably. On the other hand, note in the table:

Sony Annual Reports Game Operating Income
YearEnd Mar 31 Yen(B)

2006 8.7
2005 43.2
2004 67.6
2003 112.7

Either PS2 operating income peaked in 2003, and its profits started declining. Or 2004 the cost of developing the PS3 was already so large, it knocked down the net game division net operating income even with PS2's income staying the same or growing. PS3 losses are *much* bigger than the losses reported for 2007. There is probably 100-200Yen(B) of PS3 losses masked by the PS2 in the previous years and 2007 itself.

For the PS3 hardware to be profitable LTD at the end, no way.

Including software and other game related income, very doubtful.

Including Blu-Ray royalities, possibly if it becomes a long term standard. But Blu-Ray income will not go to the Gaming Division. That is not one of their items to 'sell'.

You are missing one important big factor: the PSP. It launched during fiscal year 2004 and was sold at a loss initially.

Ahh, yes.  So the PSP could have (probably) ate up a lot of the PS2 operating income that I blamed on the PS3.  For 2004, most likely, 2005.  But, as I'm sure Sony supporters would tell you, PSP is now making lots of money.   Which if it is, that money is being eaten up by the PS3 as well.  Poor PS3.  I guess the only thing that it can't be blamed for is global warming.


(Which as we all know, is due to the X360!) 


Torturing the numbers.  Hear them scream.