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stopstopp said:

Thanks for the thoughts.

It's just as I feared though, the 3D won't really add much, just a stupid gimmick. Although the games look like enough to buy the system.

Guessing NGP will be this handheld gen console of choice for me.

well I'm used to 3D on the PC and yeah it doesn't add much... but I wouldn't play any of my PC games without it if I can. Even if i have to reduce the other graphics level (which so far I don't have too).

It's really a graphical improvement and nothing else.... but it is a big improvement and it feels like a fresher use of horsepower than just a few added pixels. 3DS games like street fighter didn't seem to be shy on graphic quality... I'm not sure the NGP will have so much of a lead on screens of that size... (well yeah they have a high pixel count but next gen's games will look great on both).