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Narishma said:

First of all the PSP2 won't use Android, I don't know where you got that. It will run the Playstation Suite, which will also be available on some Android phones, but that's about it.

Second, the PS3's security was very lacklustre. The PS3 is completely cracked now because of a stupid mistake by Sony, and they can't do much about it. I don't see why you would call that good security. The only thing that protected them the first few years was the availability of OtherOS as it satisfied the majority of the hackers who could do their things with it. Once Sony removed it it didn't take long for them to crack it open.

in terms of PS3's security, what you said is not entirely true. The random number mistake is very stupid. I still cannot believe Sony actually compromise the keys themselve. but now think about this, what if Sony didn't make this simple mistake? what are the chance that PS3 can be completely compromised then?  Actually, the security of PS3 is in a decent shape (not perfect) until the hackers surprisingly found out that the random number isn't random at all.

So for NGP, do you think Sony will make the same mistake again? I believe NGP will be more secured than PSP at least.