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Machina said:

Because JRPGs are boring.

Woah woah woah, do you have any evidence/reasoning to back this up?

Or is it just from personal experience? You should know better than most that that could be seen as baiting and/or trolling, so I hope you have some reasoning...

On a similar tangent, many people see RPG's, not as boring, but either:

  • Too time consuming
  • Too complex
  • A mixture of both
So I can see where the issue comes from. Personally, I find the way in which RPG's are handled by the different publishers interesting-it's certainly one of the fastest-growing genres, and also one of the best, in many people's eyes. If it continues to evolve it's only a matter of time before we find another masterpiece on a similar scale of Mario Galaxy, Final Fantasy 7 and Ocarina of Time. It's all a matter of patience really...


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